Co-sleeping, an update

The last time I posted about co-sleeping, Liv was three months old and it was going great. I would nurse her in bed and more often than not, she fell asleep at my breast. If she didn’t fall asleep mid-feed, she would drift off a few minutes after eating, content with the fact that she […]

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Original Play

Last week I went to a seminar about the importance of “play fighting” (or, what we should more accurately just call, ‘playing’). I was a bit skeptical at first…I thought, how can someone go on for almost 2 hours about play fighting? But I left feeling totally educated and inspired. That night,I went to bed thinking […]

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Life with Liv, 7 months in

breastfeeding mama postpartum

They said it would get easier. Everytime I posted on social media about the challenges of the “fourth trimester” I received comments and messages and even phone calls. They all said the same thing: it would get easier. Brighter days were coming. The half-year mark would hit, and it would all feel so different. So […]

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Bucerías and Sayulita: Mexico sans spring breakers

It was actually a couple years ago that we started thinking about going to Mexico, long before I was pregnant. I’ve been a few times, as Mexico is a popular destination for Canadians looking to escape the deep-freeze in the winter months. Good Mexican food is something I’ve missed dearly since moving to Austria (it […]

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A Montessori-inspired nursery

For us, creating a Montessori-inspired nursery for Liv was a clear choice. The goal of such a prepared environment is to gift the child autonomy, not only in play, but in their daily life as well. The ability to get in and out of bed on their own, dress themselves, retrieve their belongings with ease. […]

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All about that (cloth) diaper bum!

cloth diapering

Guys, cloth diapering is waaaaaay easier than you think it is!! As I’m sure every new parent does, Michael and I spent a good chunk of my pregnancy talking about and planning for the first year of our babe’s life. Naturally, the issue of diapering came up, and we were both of the mindset that […]

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How they do child care in Austria

Austrian approach childcare

Growing up, I adored my childcare provider. I thought she was the most wonderful woman in the world, and I told her often how much I wanted to be a “babysitter” just like her when I grew up. My dreams changed over time, starting from when I found out just how little childcare providers earn. So […]

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Winter hiking in Alberschwende

winter hiking Alberschwende, Vorarlberg, Austria

It’s easy to love winter when you live in the mountains. Chinook winds mean it’s often mild in the valley while snow-covered peaks loom above us. Winter activities abound, although the frequent bouts of warm temperatures mean a mid-January bike ride is far from uncommon. We have it good here; Austria has turned me into […]

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Life with Liv: 4 months in

Liv is four months old! I know I sound like every other mom out there when I say, time needs to slow the eff down. As much as I love to watch her move through different phases and abilities, it’s breaking my heart to know that she’s never going to be that tiny, sleepy, snuggly […]

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